Saturday, 30 June 2012

Kitni Doooooooor ( How far )

In our childhood, when we go for some place and we have to walk then after some steps we ask a question with our parents - muma kitni door (how far) and at that time our parents says to us, beta bus pahuch gaye and after sometime we repeat the same question and our parents gives the same answer. The reason why we had asked this question frequently was that, we get tired of walking and want to be at that place as early as possible, we loose patience, we just want to be at that place as quick as possible and at any cost be it rickshaw or by sitting on dady's shoulder.

The same situation repeat itself when we enters the age of responsibility and the race of chasing our goals but at that time there is no one who can understand our situation and tell us about how more we have to work hard in order to succeed. At that time we have to say the same to ourselves. Many a times we get tired and just want to quit but if at that time we remember this situation of our childhood and gives the answer to ourselves that bus yaar pahuch gaye then we will be definitely succeeding in every area of our life.

Before quitting we must say to ourself that " bus yaar pahuch gaye" and continue our efforts and  then no one can stop us from achieving our goals.


  1. It is your inner mind that runs you and your life. It causes you to make the choices that you do and so create your life's experiences. This inner language comes from the patterns that you inherited and downloaded from your upbringing.

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