Friday, 8 May 2015

My 5 days personal experience on QUORA

5 days Personal experience on QUORA

1. Your are not the only one who has relationship issues.

2. There are mind boggling reasons for one's breakup.

3. You could learn something amazing in 1 minute which will be useful in your complete life.

4. There is answer to almost all the problems you could have in your life.

5. There are people who can genuinely answer your questions without making a fun of you.

6. There is a lot which you have never dreamed of.

7. Fb is just a waste of time if you are using it to increase your intellectual level.

8. There are people who are far better than kapil sharma when it come to sarcasm and wittyness.

9. If you are on quora then it means that you can be a walking encyclopedia.

10. If you think that you have mastery over any particular subject then you must think twice...